All You Need To Know About Huntington Learning Center of Abington

It is not surprising that many students struggle in math. In fact, math is the most common subject that students seek tutoring services for. The reason so many students struggle with mathematics is because it is very different from other K-12 subjects. Let’s define math. Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. Does that sound confusing already? Unlike history or reading, math requires a very deep abstraction and logical reasoning. Many problems that students see in math classes are not even real-world problems. Students do not have to solve problems like “2^x = 3. What is x?” in their daily lives. Sure, most students know what a square is and what a circle is. But when concepts like π equaling the circumference divided by the diameter come up, they can get very confused. Huntington Learning Center of Abington

In 1983, Howard Gardner created a Theory of Multiple Intelligences. In his theory, Gardner stated that there are eight types of intelligences. Only one of these eight intelligence is logical-mathematical. Therefore, not everyone thinks like a mathematician. Gardner commented that a math student can learn the material better in a different approach, or may be looking at mathematical problems at a fundamentally deeper level which can result in a seeming slowness.

A professional math tutor is therefore very important for many math students. A math tutor can help relate the mathematical concept to a real world situation. Teachers at schools usually rely on a cookie cutter approach that does not work for everyone. A tutor can try out many different teaching approaches and determine which one works best for the student. Maybe the student is a visual learner. A parent can find a qualified math tutor by asking their school counselor, asking friends and colleagues, or contacting a local tutoring agency.