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Father winter and Father Christmas are on the way. The Canadian Geese are on their way to warmer – even tropical climes. Why wait for winter to prepare and check your furnace and heating systems. Invariably, if your furnace or heating system breaks down it will be on the coldest days. You can bet that while you shiver in the cold, you will almost have to beg the most busy heating system technicians in the world who will demand top dollar and even a tip for their “prompt as well as thorough service”. On top oat the busiest time of the year – when other people and homeowner’s heating systems are being pushed to their limits and breaking down as well – necessary parts for your furnace or the furnace motor may not be available. These furnace parts may even be on back order from the heating supply manufacturers. It’s all a matter of pre-call planning.

Have your furnace system checked, examined and cleaned by a component heating and furnace technician now, long before the bitter cold weather arrives.

Not only can that but a malfunctioning furnace be expensive to run and downright d unsafe and even deadly to the householder and their occupants. A malfunctioning furnace can spew out deadly, unseen and undetected Carbon Monoxide gas. More than one family has had a spate of ongoing strange health concerns , that could never be addressed to find out in the end it was all due to and from high Carbon Monoxide levels in their residence or even business from a malfunctioning or non maintained furnace that was spewing out this deadly gas substance. Checkout for more info.

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Carbon Monoxide detectors may alert you to this scourge. Carbon Monoxide detectors are always a good idea. However there are cases where the emissions were to low to be detected, but yet caused trouble and other cases where the Carbon Monoxide detector downright did not go off. Regardless prevention is always the best key and rule of thumb. Why take unnecessary chances with your family’s health

What should be checked in your furnace at this time of year? First inspect the air intake filters. Do they need to be cleaned or replaced? Are they not clean or even dirty?

A plugged air filter can restrict air flow causing among other events unnecessary heating bills due to excess fuel being used than need be. Many homeowner’s have more than one type of air filter in their heating systems. These may be of the electronic filter variety. Dirty or plugged electronic air cleaner filters or similar devices will also reduce or restrict air flow. These should be inspected and cleaned as well. Some homeowners clean these in a basin or sink. Others place them singly in the dishwasher one at a time. Note that it may take some time and air flow when the electronic air filters are placed back into the furnace for the air flow to fully dry out the filters so that electronic system and its lights come back into operation so do not panic that you as an amateur heating technician have ruined or damaged your furnaces electronic air cleaner system. With a bit of time and patience all will be fine.

It’s best to have your furnace cleaned and inspected by a professional heating repair technician on a yearly basis – hopefully during non peak times such as fall, summer or spring. Lastly inspect the areas around your furnace and gas water tank to make sure that the areas around the furnace are clear – your furnace has to breathe clean air and have a regular good supply of oxygen. Lastly as a matter of simple routine cleaning – inspect and clean the heating ducts and vents around your home as well as any outside intake air supply intakes.