Tutoring From Home: Huntington Learning Center Of Cherry Hill

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The dynamics of the family has changed over the past 20 years, and with it, the roles of parents have changed as well. Many single parents, in particular, feel the time crunch when it comes to fulfilling the many aspects of being a parent. Parents must make time to cook for the family, budget the family finances, do the laundry, make needed home repairs, work full time, and be the transporter for their child’s athletic or music events. Then, by the time the child sits down and does his homework, the already exhausted parent may need to serve as a home teacher and help the child understand and complete work the parent forgot how to do, or just may not have ever taken, like upper level Math. Huntington Learning Center of Cherry Hill

The solution? A home tutor. While one may be tempted to choose a more expensive, well-known avenue like a tutoring center, the cost of contracted services and the transportation burdens may very well be overwhelming for the “stretched thin” parent as it is. If executed correctly, the home tutor can provide a structured lesson geared around the material at hand. With the use of the Direct Instructional Model, for instance, the student can experience being directly taught and having a guided 1:1 practice environment to ensure mastery of key concepts. In addition, costs of home tutoring are typically less than assistance obtained from a tutoring center. Plus, since the home tutoring comes directly to your home, you can eliminate the time management incurred from having to drive your child to a center. There are generally no contracts as well. Finally, the importance of building a valuable 1:1 rapport with the tutor cannot be overestimated. The home tutor helps bring a sense of consistency and dependability so crucial for the student overcoming academic hurdles.