Reconstructive Surgeon – An Artist of Beauty

Image result for reconstructive surgeonIn order for a man to be called as an artist he must first create a great artistic work, a masterpiece that will portray his creativity and of course will reveal beauty. Artists always have the talent in changing or let us say transforming junks and scraps into beautiful works of art or making use of useless things.

Deep within every man’s heart there is a talent of artistry. We have painter who paints beautiful paintings and poets who writes literary pieces, but to tell you, being an artist is not only all about the canvass, paintbrush, and colors of painters, or poems, orations, stories and tales of poets. An artist is one who gives importance and appreciates beauty. He gives an appealing impression or perceptions to the senses of his viewers through his creations. Aside from painters and poets, we still have other artists of different fields. So can we consider reconstructive surgeon as an artist?

The answer to this question is a clear “YES”. Reconstructive surgeon or plastic surgeon is a person who has a specialization in reconstructing or restoring the original form of a deformed body parts as well as bringing back its normal functions. Examples of body deformities that reconstructive surgeon works on are cleft lips, cleft palates, webbed hands or feet, burn scars, and tumors. But how can a reconstructive surgeon be an artist? Their skills in correcting body deformities are evidences that will prove that they are also artist in their own way. Their hands are their tools in bringing out beauty to everyone. Every stroke of their hands means a new light of hope to their patients.

Every man has his own way on how to express his artistry; the only problem is he does not know how to discover it. Reconstructive surgeon as an artist of beauty is indeed a great gift, for this people helps in painting the colors of happiness to the world. This people usually believe on one thing and that is everything has beauty, but the problem is not everyone can see and appreciate it. That is why we have them, the reconstructive surgeons. They will reveal the beauty which is hidden by the mask of deformities.

Still real beauty is not in the face nor in the body, it is in the heart of everyone. Real beauty promises happiness. Reconstructive surgeon promises beauty. They are indeed an artist!