Clean your forklift – Tips

Forklift safety is very important. After all, forklifts are renowned for being messy – especially the older ones that are still in service. However, they are a necessary piece of machinery that many businesses simply can’t function without. Read on to discover an easy solution for a major forklift safety issue.visit their website is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Why are forklifts so messy? In part, it’s because so many businesses have to make do with older forklifts because there just isn’t enough money in the budget to replace them. That also means having to live with their vices, like oil and battery acid leaks.

So how do you clean up the mess they create?

Well, you could hire someone to clean it up. This is effective but also costly- especially if the forklifts are in operation around the clock. Ignoring the mess isn’t an option either, since it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Relying on employees to clean up as they go can work sometimes, but it isn’t ideal. They are, after all, being paid to do a different job, not to clean. Some operators may even consider it an insult and move on to a different position somewhere else.

Prevention is the better option

All those oil and fluid spills can damage the floor area of any workshop and even result in slip and fall hazards. So why not focus on prevention rather than on clean-up. After all, there’s a perfect solution: there are specially designed mats that can mop up the mess as the forklifts create it.

And that’s important, as oil spills and drips are a big forklift safety issue. They can make concrete floors very slippery, and are a very common cause of work place accidents. But with a forklift mat to protect high traffic areas and mop up any mess left behind, slips and falls can be greatly reduced.

How else can a forklift mat help?

Parking lots are another notorious forklift area. This is where much of the maintenance is performed on the forklifts, so oil spills, coolant spills, and even battery acid spills can easily stain and corrode the surface materials. Surely, a safety mat is cheaper than having to resurface an entire parking lot. It also helps prevent ground water pollution by keeping oi and other chemicals out of storm water run-off.

Forklift mats are built for heavy use. Those mats have a super absorbent polypropylene (16 ounce) top side and a non-penetrable, non-skid vinyl backing. That makes them very strong, which means that they will last a long time. Fluids will be absorbed into the mat and they will not be able to mar the floor under the mat.

Forklift mats are even sturdy enough for forklifts to drive on. Just don’t turn the wheels while parked on it. That’s just about the only way you can damage those mats so you may want to avoid that if you want to fully benefit from these forklift safety mats.