External DVD Recorders

DVD recorders are devices that record data onto a DVD. These can store both analog as well as digital data in the digital form on a DVD. DVDs have become a much preferred mode of storing data because of their extremely high capacities, relatively low costs, reliability and flexibility. DVD recorders are of many kinds: stand-alone, DVD-VCR combos and DVD recorder-hard drive combos.Do you want to learn more? link.

External DVD recorders are also known as DVD writers or burners. These recorders support different recording standards such as CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD+R DL and others. They are also compatible with different DVD formats such as DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD-RW. Maximum writing speed ranges from 2X and 2.4X to 16X while maximum re-write speed ranges between 24.X and 8X. Maximum read speed ranges between 8X and 16X.

Some of the top brands of external DVD burners are the Sony DRX-710UL External Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer, the Plextor PX-712UF External DVD±RW Writer, the HP (Hewlett-Packard) DC5000 External Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer, the LaCie 300920 D2 Dual Layer External DVD±RW Writer and the Iomega Super DVD QuikTouch Video Burner 12x Dual-Formatted USB2.0 External Drive. Some of the other available brands are: Addonics, Alera Technologies, Apricorn, BUSlink, Jobo, Memorex, MicroBoards, NEC, Pioneer, Sony, LaCie, Motion Computing, Primera Technology, Rimage and Vinpower. Prices of DVD recorders start from $100-$150 or even less, depending on the options.

Related imageSome of the aspects to be considered while buying an external DVD recorder are the recording time, recording capabilities, disk space and storage capacities, compatibility with recording formats such as DVD-R,DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-RAM), firewire connections, on-disc editing (for DVD-RAM recorders), progressive scan output for playback, video processing, flexibility in recording and playing, built-in tuners compatible with antenna, cable or satellite boxes, S-video, DV (iLink, Firewire) video inputs, VHS recording and playback. The Internet is a very good source for finding several brands of external DVD recorders, comparing prices, evaluating customer reviews and even buying the recorders online.