Personal Tracking Devices

The number and type of personal tracking devices has increased in just the last five years. Demand for these devices continues to increase as the sophistication of device technology continues to improve. Probably the biggest demand is for small devices that can be place on children and adults with diminished capacity. Many new devices are the size of an iPod and top end units can be worn as a pendent.

There basically two types of personal tracking devices on the market today. The older logger devices use standard batteries and GPS technology to track the location of the device. The device is placed on a person for a period of time and then is retrieved. Once retrieved the information is downloaded into a computer where software provides the tracking information in the form of maps and tables. This is information is good for gathering the tracking history of an individual or vehicle. These units are typically very small and can be hidden quite easily. In addition the price of these units is relative low. The biggest problem is that the information is old and the device must be retrieved in order to access the tracking information.See here now tracking device.

Real time personal tracking devices are in much more demand. Information provided by these devices is as the name implies is more or less current. Almost all these personal tracking devices use GPS and cell phone technology to accomplish the tracking function. Unlike the logger system most real time GPS systems require the use of a GPS tracking system Service Company. These companies basically sell or lease you a unit that is compatible with their system. These devices use standard GPS to accomplish the tracking function. This information is uploaded through cell phone link to the company’s data base. Once the information is located there you can access it through your computer.

The service company will charge you for these uploads depending on how often the information is uploaded from the tracking device to their data base. Uploading requirement depends on the needs of the customer. High value tracking needs may be uploaded as often as every 5 minutes. In other cases an upload of once every 20 minutes would be sufficient. Real time personal tracking devices are much larger than logger devices due to the cell phone and battery components.

The weakness of this system comes from the fact that tracking uploads are dependent on the availability of cell phone service. In many rural locations there is little or no cell phone coverage. In addition depending on the carrier and terrain features, there can be blind spots where uploads will not possible. Also because you are using a tracking service company your tracking information is not private and can be accessed by third parties.

You can expect new GPS personal tracking technology to provide smaller units with better battery life in the next few years. As with all technology prices will drop over time and make these smaller devices available to just about any budget. Already tracking service prices have fallen as a result of increase competition.